PDF and SWF File Protection Software

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  • Private exe Protector 3.4.0

    This is an ideal solution for Software developers because it supports professional licensing, tampering Protection and Software examination system. It includes File compression, code fragment encryption, metamorphic
  • USB Drive Protector ++ 1.2.0

    Nowadays, USB flash drives (UFD) a.k.a flashdisk to be one of the most popular storage media because of their small size, durability, large Capacity, and transfer speeds are fairly high, compared to his predecesor
  • Excel Remove Sheet & Workbook Password Protection Software 7.0

    This Software offers a solution for users who want to remove password Protection in one or more MS Excel workbooks. This password Protection is the same Protection that can be found under the Tools Protection menu in
  • A-cc Folder Encryptor 25.01

    A-cc Folder Encryptor is the best in class File and folder encryption Software. It?s unique offline Protection can encrypt local data from others decrypting the data from a different computer. Under its Protection,
  • LSN Password Safe

    You can use this Software as a security password manager, AntiKeyLogger, virtual keyboard, and CAPTCHA. It is easy to use Software that allows you to create as many fields per entry as you want. It is Portable and
  • Remove Copy Protection From PDF

    Need to remove copy Protection from PDF to copy PDF Files without any Protection? Then go for the superior PDF Protection remover program - Unrestrict PDF. Program enable users to remove PDF copy Protection, remove copy
  • MoleBox Ultra 4.1250

    MoleBox Ultra 4.1250 is an advanced and easy to use tool which is specially designed to give you a professional way of improved virtualization and reliable Protection for native and .NET applications built on a new
  • Swiffer

    Swiffer can, List the tags in a SWF File. Display header information like the Frame rate and size in Pixels. Delete any tag and 'save as' the File. Notes Yes, you can remove the protect tag! Swiffer is Now known
  • Advanced Folder Encryption 5.32

    Advanced Folder Encryption is a fast data encryption and password Protection Software for Windows. It can simultaneously encrypt, lock and password protect your Files and folders in an easy and reliable way. It
  • Softlock Protection Studio 5.1

    Softlock Software Protection Studio is a complete environment used to protect Software programs and data Files. The applied Protection prevents crackers form breaking the applied license policy and illegally distributes
  • SysInfoTools PDF Protection 2.0

    PDF Protection Tool from SysInfoTools is very flexible and powerful tool that allows you to impose various security parameters to your PDF File easily. This tool allows user to encrypt (using standard 40-bit or 128-bit
  • SECUDRIVE Privacy Protection

    SECUDRIVE Privacy Protection is a powerful, easy-to-use security Software suite. SECUDRIVE Privacy Protection is a powerful, easy-to-use security Software suite, designed to protect your privacy and prevent data loss.
  • Browser Hijack Retaliator 4.1

    Complete Protection for all default page URL's of IE for Current User and All Users. Enhanced Internet Explorer Favorites Protection. Real time Protection for BHO's (Browser Helper Objects). Hosts File Editor with
  • Download Excel Password Recovery 5.5

    Easily Download Excel Password Recovery Software that perfectly resolve all password concerning problem by recovery lost or forgotten Excel File password. By taking help of excel password recovery Software you can
  • ESA Total Security 2010 10.9.9

    Anti-Virus Anti-Spyware Firewall Identity Theft Protection Anti-Malware System Protection Web Protection Virtual System Folder Protection Phising Protection Anti-Spam Multi Engine Virus Cleaners Rootkit
  • NF_SRTP 1.5.1

    NF_SRTP is a Software package that provides RTP traffic (eg. VoIP) Protection based on SRTP for linux systems. Trafic Protection includes both confidentiality, replay Protection and packet authentication, and trafic
  • ProtectionCUBE 1.2

    Protection Cube helps to protect your computer from malicious Software. Blocks computers connection to malicious sites.Protection Cube gives You the option to increase the secrurity of the computer by running manual File
  • WfpAdmin 2.0

    WfpAdmin can dynamically disable Windows File Protection. It also has the ability to list protected Files and change WFP and SFC settings. Dynamically disable Windows File Protection so that Windows 2000 and XP system
  • Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus Starter Edition

    Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus Starter Edition  offers  users an universial nti-spyware Software and provides advanced technology designed especially for people, not just experts. Starter Edition is a
  • AVG Identity Protection 8.5.406

    AVG Identity Protection is an efficient and handy application for Up-to-the-minute Protection for online banking and shopping. The Identity Protection monitors over 285 different behaviors plus all processes for
  • Logic Protect EXE Creator 2.2

    Logic Protect is a trustworthy license management, anti-piracy, copy Protection, and product activation system featuring high level security and Protection against illegal Software copying and distribution. It
  • WinOwnership 1.0

    WinOwnership will help you in the full take own with Files and directories, removing and restoring the system File Protection without brick or touch on the Protections Features: - One Click to make full access with
  • AGuardDog IE Browser Protection Trial 1.0

    Why AGuardDog SYSTEM Protection IS NEEDED? If your Computer System is connectd to a network or to the Internet which offers you the great benefit of important information and services.Sending and Receiving E-Mail,
  • Crypto++ SDK 2007 9.0.495

    Software Protection Quick Easy and Affordable WARNING: Don't Buy Any Software Protection Product Until You Have Tried For FREE The New Award Winning, Quick, Easy, and Affordable,"Crypto++ SDK 2007" Professional
  • Enigma protector 1.12

    Enigma protector - Software Protection tool, for application Protection. Enigma protector serves for Software Protection of applications. It's necessary tool for Windows Software developpers. Enigma protector defending
  • Crack MS Excel Password 1.0

    Do you want to crack Excel File password? So quickly use InFixi Excel Password Cracker Software by using this Software you can easily recover lost Excel Password and crack Excel File Protection. With the help of our
  • Logic Protect 6.0

    Logic Protect is a reliable anti-piracy, copy Protection, Software activation and license management system featuring high level of security and Protection against illegal Software copying and distribution. Logic
  • Atrise Stealth 1.0

    The program is an ultimate HTML source hide, images, forms and antispam Protection Software from spam bots and humans. The program enables you to use any of 13 Protection methods. The second generation Protection
  • OpenOffice Writer Password Recovery 1.0

    OpenOffice Writer Password Recovery lets users recover a lost or forgotten password to a protected document that has been created in OpenOffice.org Writer. It can remove all types of document Protection, such as
  • Public Key File Encryption Software for USB Key and PC (Corporate and Home Editi

    Encryption Software for PC & USB DRIVE, CD-ROM and DVD DeltaCrypt Public Key File Encryption (1024-bit RSA keys, AES Rijndael algorithm, FIPS 140-2 certification) to secure sensitive Files and folders on computer hard